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Har Koi Banega Importer

Daya Worldwide, we are not just working for international clients but also for hundreds of people who have small and medium enterprises. We understand that in order to expand your offerings, you need to import products at cheap price from countries like China. However, there is always a ton of documentation and cultural barriers along with high ordering limits that makes the process extremely complex and expensive and not all enterprises can afford and manage it.

We totally understand your concern. With ‘Daya Worldwide’ entering into the retail market, things will change now. ‘Daya Worldwide Pvt. Ltd.’ is a company which is working on a revolutionary initiative – to make every person an importer!

With Daya Worldwide, every business owner can now purchase directly from China without any hassle – in a very simple way.


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The company sends product pictures to you through WhatsApp along with their corresponding Chinese price. It also gives a multiplier rate for the product.
All you have to do is, multiply the rate with the Chinese price and you will have the final cost of importing it to India.
Yes, it’s that easy! No hidden costs, no unnecessary documentations! And you can order as much or as less as you want to. There are no minimum ordering limits! Just immeasurable growth and profits for you.
With Daya, as your reliable import partner, you can take the journey to success with confidence!

So, what are you waiting for! If you also want to be an importer, then visit

www.dayaworldwide.com and also you contact us on WhatsApp to get started today!
Daya Worldwide – Ab Har Koi Banega Importer!

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Daya Worldwide Pvt. Ltd. is a one stop platform for all trade professionals. Our all leading shipping partners make sure to provide you with the best and safest shipping services to ship your goods anywhere in the world.

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