About Us


Daya World Wide Pvt. Ltd. Is an established company which was registered on 16th July 2013 with a vision to create better life with best products .The Company has rolled out an array of exclusive products: Home Décor, Home Appliance, Commercial, Dry fruits, Spices, food, Medical, Cellphone, Solar Panels, Electronic & Electrical, Import, Export & Construction.

Our Vision and Mission


The company has a wide vision of spreading their name throughout the world with number of branches opening in various parts of the world. As it is quoted by Henry Ford, “A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business.” So it is important to create an identity and DAYA wants to and will be achieving the same. Company is planning more branches throughout the world in coming years. Countries where Daya is planning to initiate its business are Dubai, Brazil, Indonesia, Central Africa, West Africa, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka


 We have a factory of LED Lights assembling, Food packaging, Mobile & LED Television, in Indore including of 500 skilled employees under the guidance of experienced managers. We have branches in various parts of India like Mumbai, Ahmadabad and Nagpur and recently DAYA has put a step forward outside India and established a branch in Douala, Cameroun (West Africa). Flattened Rice & Chocolate is distributed all over India as well as exported to West Africa. Ste Huge Afric Sarl as its name states it’s a wide branch of Daya World Wide Pvt. Ltd. The company deals in every basic necessity of a human being to make their life more comfortable and beautiful. The items which are sold athuge afric sarl are exported by Daya World Wide Pvt. Ltd. from India as well as China. After the announcement of make in India, announced by the Honorable Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi, Daya World Wide Pvt. Ltd put forward a step ahead by introducing Indian products globally. We have an organized and enthusiastic staff with wide vision and knowledge n known of various languages like Chinese, French & many languages to represent Daya worldwide.

Our Products

Our products are a smart innovation in the future which provide simple and lasting solution to the user and will be advance technically and durable too, our products are crafted to meet global standard.


 Led Products:

 • Led Panel

 • Led Bulb

 • Led Flood Light

 • Led Street Light


Home Décor:

 • Chandelier (Jhoomer)

 • Hangings

 • Wall Light

 • Gate Light

 • Mirror/Dressing Light

Home Appliance:

 • LED Television

 • Refrigerator

 • Iron

 • Washing Machine

 Commercial :

 • Flood Light

 • Street Light

 • Garden Light


 • Cashew Nut

 • Almonds

 • Raisins


• Chili Powder